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Want the secret to getting fit?


Well it's not complicated! What we don't do is spend hours and hours in the gym. What we do is, work out in a small group setting, one of our amazing coaches leads us through a fun warm-up together, we practice a skill or weightlifting component where every part of the movement is broke down step by step so you're never confused. Then, for 10-20 minutes we bust our butt on a workout.



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Sign up for your free trial classes, pick a day and time and you will join right into our Mallard CrossFit family.

Your first workout is a perfect introduction to CrossFit and will be all set up for you when you walk in. Your coach will guide you through the warm up, movement technique, workout and cooldown. 

You never have to wonder what to do in the gym again!

If you have any questions before or after you register for your class, CLICK HERE to flip us a quick email. We will be in touch ASAP!

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