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"Effective coaching can be measured as a trainer’s capacity in six areas: teaching, seeing, correcting, group management, presence and attitude, and demonstration."

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    Dominic Pettruzzelli


    The most charismatic guy you will meet. Athletes enjoy a fast paced hour of Top Notch Coaching filled with laughter and fun.

    After cutting his teeth in CrossFit many years ago by training intensely with top athletes like Sam Kwant, Dominic took his CrossFit involvement full speed ahead and bought Mallard CrossFit in 2019.

    Dominic is a self made business man with a dedication to success for both himself and the people around him. 

    Dominic has the drive and skill to make you the best athlete you can be.

    "How you do anything is how you do everything!"

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    Colleen Beatty

    Coach/Gym Programming

    Our top coach. Colleen has the strength and experience to take you to the next level in Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and all  around CrossFit Fundamentals. Her coaching is personal and full of fun and energy.

    Colleen has competed in both individual CrossFit competitions and team competitions and has unmatched strength to accompany her technique.

    A special education teacher and a wife rounds out her already complete personality.

    "As a coach I strive to encourage and support members to see their strength both mentally and physically. Whether it's an adjustment to a lift, a smile when they walk in the door, or some "loud words" during a WOD. Every member adds value to our gym and is treated as such. Being a part of Mallard is being a part of a community and I'm grateful to be a coach here!"

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    Alicia Terwilliger


    Alicia is Mallard's newest coach. Her athletic career, however runs deep. Alicia was not only a Fastpitch softball coach at Western Washington University, but a champion shortstop as well. 

    Alicia has been involved in weightlifting for many years and has certifications in nutrition and whole life coaching. A true coach at heart as well as a wife and a mother to an adorable boy, Jackson.

    "My passion in everything I do is guiding individuals to  overcoming the obstacles/challenges they have and impacting real behavioral change to reach their own unique goals!"

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    J.P. Pacheaco


    The guy who makes you want to cut out of work early to join his class. Technique, strength, charisma and the genuinely nicest guy you will ever meet. JP will pull you in with his CrossFit Skill, teach you with a calm smile and give you the confidence to move to the next level quickly. 

    Starting with his baseball career, JP has been a competitive athlete all of his life. JP will motivate you, challenge you and encourage you all at the same time.

    "For me as a coach and athlete I guess what I would want to describe me/what I want said about me is that I understand the grind. That it's not one day, week, or month that makes long term change. It's the everyday effort for years that makes a real change." 

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    Shawna Tompkins

    Coach, Manager, Nutrition Coach

    Driven and full of energy. Shawna grabs your competitive gene and forces you to use it to be your best self. Shawna is a CrossFit Level 2 Coach with experience in ultrarunning. She has been involved in CrossFit since 2007. She is a Certified Nutrition Coach with a passion for a healthy lifestyle.

    Shawna is a wife and a dog mom with an enormous love for the outdoors and has completed the PCT Washington Section. 

    "CrossFit found me in 2007 when I needed to add to my 1 dimensional ultrarunning career. Now, I get to spend my every days working with athletes and experiencing the joy of their growth. It is my true passion to see people succeed IN THE MOMENT. From a box jump to a double under, the smile and satisfaction of Your success is my fulfilment. To help you embrace your GRIT is what I live for."

What our members say


"Shawna is the most observant, positive, knowledgeable, thoughtful, goal-oriented, supportive, respectful, creative, coach I've ever known. She's always striving to improve herself with the goal of helping others."


"Sam is always there to meet you at the end of the WOD and encourage you to keep going the whole way."


"Colleen Beatty is a no nonsense, git r dun type of coach that will help you improve your overall strength and conditioning, for all ages and skill levels."


"JP has awesome warm-ups and he really helps us break down the movements to the the form right on the Olympic lifts."   


"I was always intimidated about the thought of joining CrossFit, in fact I said I would never do it!  Shawna made me feel welcome and that it’s ok to just start where you are at with no pressure! She pushes you to achieve but it’s ok if you’re not at the same level as other people, just do your best  and work hard!"

Entire Staff

"Every coach I've taken a class with at Mallard has been incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate about what they are doing. You can just feel that they really care and it is very motivating."


"I have been a Mallard CrossFit member for 3 months now and absolutely LOVE J.P. He is the most genuine and selfless person I've ever met. His classes are such a look forward to in my day."


"An absolute powerhouse that will motivate, teach and listen.  If you don’t want to expand your aerobic envelope, then don’t sign up for Shawna’s classes."  


"Dominic is a great owner that has shown time and time again that he is heavily invested and dedicated to the success of the Mallard CrossFit community.  Want a safe, clean and fun place to belong to?  Want somewhere that will accept you for who you are?  What to improve your functional lifestyle fitness level?  Then come check out Mallard CrossFit and say hello to Dominic.  He’s the main reason this environment is even a possibility.     

He’s the one with the Croc’s.  If you were wondering."


"Would you like to have a CrossFit Coach that can personalize a WOD on the fly?  Want a Coach that takes the time to getting to know her athletes, or someone who never stops learning or instructing?  How about someone who knows when to motivate and when to teach?  Want a coach that can provide a safe environment to help you expand your functional level of fitness far past what you think you’re capable of?  Are those your questions?  Colleen is your answer."


"I have only known Coach Alicia for a few months and it is clear she is an asset to the Mallard CrossFit family. She is very personable. She also takes interest in our form to assure a greater benefit from the class as well as less chance for injury which is so important to CrossFitters."


"An instructor, educator and motivator to all! And, most of all, he makes the class FUN!"


"Alicia is right on it when you need that extra kick in the butt to keep moving for bootcamp!"


"Dominic is great about making the WOD not look scary and helping scale it so you can do it."


Shawna has the uncanny ability to make you feel you are the only one in the class. Her instructions and demonstrations are clear and concise.  Her expectations are always high.

Shawna holds the class in the palm or her hands. She is quick to discuss scaling or modifying the workout to fit your needs. During the WOD, Shawna's corrections are tailored to the change you need to make at that moment.

Shawna is knowledgeable and ready to discuss your personal challenges and goals. A class with Shawna is always intense, rewarding and fun.

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