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Bonus ABS/Engine RX+

Strengthen your back with a stronger core and drop those unnecessary pounds with some extra cardio in your day-both programmed by YOUR Mallard CrossFit coaches.

Introducing your daily abs and cardio programming! Sign up for Bonus ABS and/or Engine RX+ and have access right in our Wodify APP to a new workout 5 days a week. The ABS programming will be a 10 minute or less ABS workout with little to no equipment so that you can do the work at the gym between classes or at home. Every exercise will have a demo video and/or detailed description of the movement so you will know exactly what to do. Our Engine RX+ programming will have inside and outdoor workouts with optional equipment. Each will have a score and a leaderboard just like the WOD at the gym.

In the box below click on class plans and chose Bonus ABS or Engine RX+ and pay only $15.00 per month plus a one time set up fee and you are on your way to a NEW YOU 2022!

Sign up for your free trial classes, pick a day and time and you will join right into our Mallard CrossFit family.

Your first workout is a perfect introduction to CrossFit and will be all set up for you when you walk in. Your coach will guide you through the warm up, movement technique, workout and cooldown. 

You never have to wonder what to do in the gym again!

If you have any questions before or after you register for your class, CLICK HERE to flip us a quick email. We will be in touch ASAP!

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